Hi, I'm Greg, the Meditation Coach

Feeling overwhelmed?  Stressed out?  Is your health suffering?  Are you on a spiritual path?

Are you ready to begin a meditation practice but need guidance?

My inner-transformation began in 2001.  I was suffering from stress, anxiety and chronic illness.  I discovered meditation and mindfulness to be exactly what I needed.  I've been sharing my passion of meditation  for 15+ years.

Something has brought you here.  Honor that part of you that knows there is a better way.

A Journey Through the Chakras (online)

An intensive 9-week journey into your inner world and energy body.  Weekly live zoom class combined with guided meditation & video training.
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Release The Past Guided Meditation - 10 minutes

We don't have to let our past define who we are or how we feel. Is it time to start letting go and begin to feel happy and whole again?
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Chakra Balancing Meditation - 42 minutes

Use meditation to become aligned and centered as you clear blockages and balance the energy centers in the body. 

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Guided Body Scan Meditation - 18 minutes

Body scan meditation involves mindfully scanning your body helping you reconnect and bring deep peace and relaxation into every cell.
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Guided Meditation Starter Kit

Here is a great way to get started.  This bundle includes 2 breath meditations and 2 mantra meditations.  Plus a bonus walking meditation!
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Loving Kindness Meditation - 15 minutes

Want to experience more love and compassion in your life?

Be gently guided into a heart opening loving-kindness meditation.
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Reframe Your Pain - 12 minute guided meditation

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Guided Body Awareness Meditation - 9 mins

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Free Weekly Guided ONLINE Meditation

Join the Meditation Coach community for a free 30-minute guided meditation led by Greg de Vries.  Every Monday at 6:30 PM PST and Thursday at 5:30 PM PST.
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