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Hello, I'm Greg and I'm so glad you are here!
  • Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious? 
  • Is your health declining?   
  • Can't make sense of this crazy world?
  • Need guidance or motivation to meditate?
  • Feel alone walking a spiritual path? 
Look around and let me know if I can be of any help.   💙🤍💙

Are you missing out on all the fun (online)?

Our group of 20 to 40 (or so) meditators meet online via Zoom on Wednesday at 6pm for a 30-minute guided meditation by Greg.  You don't need to turn on your camera or mic unless you want to.  And it's FREE! 😀

Guided Meditations Now Streaming

Many of my guided meditations are now available to stream on most major platforms (click your streaming service below):

  • $6

Release The Past Meditation

    Don't allow your past to define who you are or how you feel. Is it time to start letting go and begin to feel happy and whole again?

    • $9

    5-Minute Meditations

      NEW: Can your life change in just 5-minutes a day?  Use this collection of five guided meditations (and your intention) to shift your mind, body and spirit in only 5 minutes.
      • Daily Morning Meditation
      • Meditation to Release Anxiety
      • Meditation for Self-Confidence
      • Open Heart Meditation
      • Nightly Meditation for Deep Sleep

      • $6

      Loving Kindness Meditation

        NEW: 15-minute Guided Meditation to experience more love and compassion in your life.  Release the blocks to your joy and be gently guided to open your heart.

        • $6

        Emotional Release Meditation

          NEW: A 17-minute guided meditation and visualization to experience and release the suppressed emotions that hold us back from experiencing true joy and peace.
          Are you ready to start fresh without all that baggage?

          • $11

          Chakra Cleanse Meditations

            NEW: Seven individual 18-minute guided healing meditations to cleanse and align your chakras and energy body.  Release emotional blockages!

            • $5

            Cord Cutting Meditation

              NEW: Release the energetic cords that attach us emotionally to others and rob us of peace.  Remove the emotional connection and create space for more love and abundance in your life.

              • $5

              Body Awareness Meditation

                A grounding, soothing and restorative somatic meditation that invites you to witness the body with openness, tenderness, and curiosity. Great for a busy mind. 

                • $6

                Meditation to Release Pain

                  Use the amazing power of meditation to release pain and reduce suffering by changing your relationship with pain.  Open space for true healing.

                  • $3

                  Guided Body Scan

                    Experience deep relaxation and calming peace.  Great to use if you have sleep issues or chronic anxiety.

                    • $19

                    Guided Meditation Starter Kit

                      Here is a great way to get started.  This bundle includes 2 breath meditations and 2 mantra meditations.  Plus a bonus walking meditation!

                      • $12

                      Chakra Balancing Meditation

                        Become aligned and centered as you clear blockages and balance the energy centers in the body.  Feel fully alive as you clear out old stale energy.

                        • $197
                        • 2 payments of $99
                        • Closed

                        Emotional Mastery Course

                          Do you realize how emotions influence life?  Does anger or fear show up at the worst time possible? You are not alone! Learn to master your emotions!

                          • $297
                          • 3 payments of $100
                          • Closed

                          A Journey Through the Chakras

                            An intensive 8-week journey into your inner world and energy body.  Weekly live zoom class combined with guided meditation & video training.

                            Join us for a live guided meditation on Zoom

                            Join us for a free 30-minute guided meditation streamed live via Zoom 

                            • Wednesday at 6pm

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