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Want to relieve stress, restore your ability to focus, improve your energy level and create radiant health?  Meditation as a wellness practice is growing faster than ever before. It's easier than you think to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. Experience how meditation can help you manage stress, reduce anxiety, improve your relationships, and enhance sleep.


I learned to meditate over 20 years ago to relieve stress and combat negative health issues. My inner journey led me on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. I enjoy sharing my passion for meditating with others through public and private classes, coaching, recorded guided meditations and writing books and articles. 

We offer a variety of mindfulness products and resources to help you learn how to meditate or deepen your current meditation and mindfulness practice.


Here is a beautiful definition of "Namaste" that I just love...


"I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. 

I honor the place in you of love, of truth, of peace, and of light. 

And when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one."


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The Light Within - Meditation for Spiritual Growth 

Greg's book on Spiritual Meditation has been published and is available as an eBook for instant download. Click book image for more information or to download now at a special discounted price.

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 Spiritual Meditation - The Light Within by Greg de Vries

Why you need mindfulness!


Watch a video from the Meditation Coach to find out
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Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation

Do you keep emotions inside rather than express how you feel?

Do you experience low energy?  Does your life seem out of control?

Do you suffer from depression or feelings of low self-esteem?

Release these energy blockages and begin to feel GREAT again with... 

Guided Chakra Meditation 

Meditation Music & Guided Meditation Downloads


meditation music download

Meditation Music Starter Kit- Save 50% - Now Only $27

Featuring 4 hours of our most popular tracks (8 different audio tracks) - all including Brainwave Entrainment to help you slip into deep meditation effortlessly for only $27 .  Click the PLAY BUTTON to preview audio tracks below:


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Guided Meditation Starter Kit only $17 - Save 50%

Featuring 5 guided meditations, including:
One 20 minute and one 30 minute Guided Mantra Meditation
One 20 minute and one 30 minute Guided Breath Meditation
Guided Walking Meditation

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You can still purchase individual tracks by  clicking here

Guided Meditation Download

Not sure if meditation is for you? 

Not only does meditation help you manage stress, but here is just a sample of the health benefits that have been documented through the regular practice of meditation:

star Meditating lowers oxygen consumption and decreases respiratory rate.
It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.

Increases exercise tolerance in heart patients.

Leads to deeper levels of relaxation.
Good for people with high blood pressure as it brings blood pressure back to normal.
Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of lactate in the blood.
Decreases muscle tension (and pain due to tension) and headaches.
Builds self-confidence and a sense of well being.
Increases serotonin production which influences mood and behaviour. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, obesity, insomnia and headaches.
Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis etc.
Reduces the effects pre-menstrual syndrome.
Helps in post-operative healing after surgery.
Enhances the immune system. Research has revealed that meditation increases activity of 'natural-killer cells', which kill bacteria and cancer cells.
Reduces the activity of viruses and emotional distress.

Featured Meditation Articles

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Meditation is a Quiet Revolution I have been encouraging, teaching, or leading people to meditate and create quiet times. During this time, the world has changed considerably, and so have I. My most important learning is: everyone is different. Certainly there are commonalities in meditating, but each individual is unique. I consider that meditation is one of the most empowering practices that anyone can engage in.

Meditation Goes Mainstream as many Christians Discover Practice.  Younger generations get an introduction in yoga classes, careerists escape on meditation retreats and boomers seek tranquility in meditation gardens. Meditation, it seems, is no longer associated as a counterculture activity made hip by ...

Say Om: Doctors Find Meditation Affects Your Body. A Preliminary Study Shows Meditating Turns off Stress-Related Genes

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